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Commencing operations in May 2007 we are leveraging over 70 years of Semiconductor Manufacturing, Equipment Support, Process Engineering, Product and Corporate Marketing and Sales.

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Consulting and Operations

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Prior to Consulting as Director of Marketing at OnWafer Technologies from 2003 to 2007 we took a $.5M UC Berkeley technology startup to $8M in run rate annually before the sale to KLA-Tencor.  Andy was able to develop the 4th generation wireless "BakeTemp" thin film based "wafer scale integration" sensor wafer. This product continues to be used today across wafer fabs worldwide. Accompanied by revolutionary software this product enabled the reduction in calibration and troubleshooting for multi-zone track based post exposure bake plates utilizing plate zone settings and real time performance data.  Critical Dimension or CD performance across the wafer was improved from 30-50% at the 45nm and 65nm process nodes. See www.onwafer.com for more information.

ABM specializes in consulting to the Semiconductor equipment & integrated circuit chip manufacturing industry as well as Solar PV, MEMS and LED companies


   1) Metrology Field Services

   2) Spare Parts & Warehousing

   3) Live Host Systems

   4) Turnkey System Removals and Reinstallation

   5) Green Wafer Reclaim

Sales and Marketing

Complete Sales and Marketing expertise from concept, market analysis and product lifecycle management

Field Service Operations & Management

Extensive experience in creating, building and managing technical support groups

Board Member Expertise and Guidance

Current and Past board member of startup companies built for success

​Technical Process and Applications Engineering

From concept to profitable customer satisfaction we deliver the results

Industry Forecasting and Analysis

Constantly monitoring real market trends we can deliver an independent assessment of macro to micro market trends and analysis in real time