Green Wafer Reclaim

Our non-acid waste process is environmentally friendly and working in close proximity to the customer facility we have developed a proprietary methodology for reclaiming scrap test and patterned wafers from the wafer fab. All fabs have extensive recycling programs internal and external with quality suppliers and ABM can be counted on in harmony with successful processes that already exist.

Our 70+ years of wafer fab experience has led us to a ‘new’ way to treat those materials. Maximizing the customer (now supplier) value rather than removing the materials via the ‘highest bidder’ concept with high shipping costs.  Making the wafer fab a key supplier is central to our success.

Our proprietary method of pattern removal insures IP protection for the wafer fab. This method removes just the correct amount of material to allow those ‘prime’ blanks to be returned into the test wafer recycling process. It also maximizes the number of recycles per test wafer.

Contact us for a demonstration of our unique business model and we will show how the materials leaving the fab not as saleable chips can become a revenue stream the fab can count on to lower operational costs without the fab adding internal infrastructure or management.